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Landlords Property Tax Manager

Landlords Property Tax Manager

Finally: 'Easy to use and powerful property management software that goes that one step further and calculates your UK tax liabilities'

This unique piece of software will allow the property investor and landlord to proactively take on the challenges:
• ... to manage and track properties/tenants and all associated income & costs
• ... to pay the correct and minimal amount of tax
• ... to make informed investment decisions, so that you know exactly how well your properties are performing.
Order Landlords Property Tax Manager Now!

How will landlord property tax manager benefit me?

Landlord Property Tax Manager is an easy to use and powerful piece of software that is guaranteed to save you time, money and effort when it comes to managing your properties.

I think the software goes a long way to make landlords' lives easier. The product is very comprehensive and records essential details of all properties in a landlords portfolio. The software removes the portfolio landlord's nightmare of ploughing through files and records for different properties to obtain information. Here it's easily recorded and displayed all within one product. It's going to save me hours!
Mr IS, Property Investor

Key Features
Easy to use software
Comprehensive property & tenant management functionality
UK property rental income tax calculation
Over 10 powerful reports
100% Tax deductible

View Sample Screens

Sample Reports
Over ten powerful reports including:
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No ifs, no butt's no questions asked, we'll refund your money. Just let us take all the risk.
This package includes three pieces of must-have functionality that we believe should be a part of any successful landlord software:

First, we have Property & Tenant Management...

Ever found yourself having to...
  • set-up a number of different spreadsheets to keep a record of all your property related costs?
  • do this on a year-by-year basis?
  • employ a bookkeeper to organise your property transactions?
  • turn the house inside-out to try and find receipts, insurance policies, rental agreements?
Well now with Landlord Property Tax Manager you have a single integrated piece of software that is guaranteed to make your life as a landlord so much easier.

Property Management

Here is how the property management module will help you save time, money and effort:
  • No Limits
    Set-up as many property portfolios as you want based on your own criteria i.e. location, property type/size etc.
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get!)
    Set-up your properties just as you see them! Enter your property details such as rooms, room sizes, garages, alarms etc
  • Track and scrutinise each cost for every property!
    Set-up your direct debits, standing orders or capture all one-off property related expenditures under the following key headings:
    • Purchasing and Selling
    • Maintenance & Repairs
    • Rents, Rates & Insurance
    • Finance (Mortgages & Loans)
    • Services, Wages & Travel
    • Legal, Professional Costs and ALL other costs
Logically grouping such costs is essential and has two enormous benefits:
  1. Saves Time - You can quickly assign relevant costs under the appropriate headings.
  2. Saves Money - When you generate your tax report, Landlord Property Tax Manager determines exactly which costs are used in your tax calculation. This of course means that you can now save ££££££££££s in accountancy bills!
Property Management Functionality Click here to see sample screen shots of the property management functionality

Tenant Management

Here are just some of the things you can do in the powerful tenant management component to keep on top of your tenants and your rental income:
  • Set-up and manage your tenant details
  • Assign multiple tenants to individual properties
  • Set-up and maintain your tenancy agreements
  • Automatically generate your tenancy agreement (legal binding document) by the click of a button
  • Manage and scrutinise your tenant payments
  • Generate tenant payment reports to chase any bad debts and to show your tenant their payment track record
  • etc..
Tenant Management Functionality Click here to see sample screen shots of the tenant management functionality

Second, we have Tax Calculation...

Ever wondered...
  • If you should be paying tax on your property income?
  • Exactly what your tax liability for your property income would be?
  • How you'll find a 'good and reliable' accountant who won't charge you a fortune?
  • If you are paying too much tax?
  • About the 10% wear and tear allowance and exactly how you would benefit if you used it?
Put simply, the property tax calculation functionality is referred to by our existing users as the jewel in the crown.

It calculates your annual income tax liability for you!

You can now sit back and watch the system calculate your rental profit and income tax liability just by the simple click of a button!

Preparing your own annual tax returns couldn't be simpler!

Income Tax Calculation Report Click here to see a detailed example of the income tax calculation report

Third, we have a Decision Support Tool...

Landlord Property Tax Manager has over 10 powerful reports to help you keep in control of your properties, tenants and finances.

Here is just some of the information that is readily accessible:

Profit & Loss Profit & Loss
Compare all your income and expenditures against your bank statements with this unique report!
View sample report

Finance Tracker Finance Tracker
Now you can keep a track of exactly what you have paid and what is outstanding on your mortgages and Loans
View sample report

Cost History Cost History
Let this report tell you exactly how much you have spent on your property. This report will breakdown all property costs by date on a year-by-year basis.
View sample report

Tenant Welcome Pack Tenant Welcome Pack
This is a must have report for any landlord who manages his/her own properties. By the click of a button this report will tell the tenant all the essential information about your property and provide contact details.
View sample report

Tenant Payment History Tenant Payment History
Print this report off and send it to the tenant to chase any missed payments and bad debts.
View sample report

As you can clearly see, you now finally have a property investment tool at your fingertips that guarantees to help you keep in control of and on top of your prized property assets!

That's not All!

Landlord Property Tax Manager also comes with:

Contact Manager Contact Manager - A simple tool to record and manage all your property related contacts

Backup Manager Backup Manager - A tool to make sure you backup and keep in a safe place your essential property data

I have been very impressed with the functionality of PTM. Its very easy to use and includes some very nice utilities that I haven't seen on other Portfolio Management software. I think the price represents excellent value for money.
Ian Sutch,
Property Investor

Order this software now and receive the following:

The easy to use - Landlords Property Tax Manager.

Bonus Item:
Lifetime tax table updates for free. Whenever the income tax tables change (usually 6th April every year), we will send you the new tables at no extra cost.

P.S. Don't forget our 30 day Money back Guarantee!

Order now for £97

Remember, Landlords Property Tax Manager is the only UK property management software that can calculate your tax liabilities.

Order now and you can download and start using this software within minutes!