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Below are genuine testimonials that have been provided by our customers. However due to our anti-spam policy we have not revealed the email addresses of the people providing the testimonials. This is because web spiders crawl the web and collect e-mail addresses and then send them spam. If you would like to contact any of them then please send an email to and we will happily forward their contact details.

How to Reduce Landlord Taxes

I have found your manual very well written out and deals with all major issues of property. Brilliant work done by you and your team.
Shakeel Syed,
I've been dealing in property for 35 years. Over the years I have asked various accountants for advice and guidance. I have read all of the advice in property Pay Less Property Tax and I have learned more in two days than in 35 years.

I'm looking forward to any further advice Amer may have. Thanks.
Paul Goulder,
Long Term Property Investor
The information given to us is absolutely invaluable.....we didn't realise how much you can save yourself just by doing a little research.....well I didn't have to do much research as you have given us tonnes of information to keep us going for a while.... and it will come in very very useful in the near future I'm sure. Thank you very, very much for the information which I'm sure will save us money... Thanks Amer.
Lisa Hook,
Property Investor
Your strategies are excellent - in their substance, in their brevity, and in their clarity. The advice I got from accountants that I paid good money to was hopeless. Thanks Amer.
Property Investor
Excellent value for money! Basically the e-book covers all aspects of tax implications for a property investor. This is the best property tax book I've seen so far, particularly because it's so well written and in simple easy language.
F. Mirza,
Property Investor
I would like to say that I found the book very informative, it answered all the questions I had, no gobbledegook, no legal jargon, in straightforward English. I am not a business person and this venture into the rented property market was my first, I found to contact an accountant you had to have specific questions and after having a conversation with him I would always tend to forget something, whereas with your book I can constantly use it for reference. At the end of the day it would appear that there are no get out clauses for capital gains tax, but only damage limitation of the taxes one has to pay, so if your book saves me money then it, in itself was definitely good value.

I would recommend it to anyone needing good advice and in fact have recently done so.
Jeff Inkpin,
Property Investor
Would just like to say a very big thank you for the Tax Strategies. Being fairly new to property investment, they are absolutely invaluable to me. I was able to point out a few omissions from my tax return to my accountant. He was somewhat taken aback but I reckon I will get a more attentive service now that he knows that I know what I am talking about.
Liz McKenna,
Property Investor
Money saver, life saver!
Rich Carnegie

Tax DOs and DON’Ts for Property Companies

I have had my own limited company for many years, however, after deciding to go into investing in property as a way of ensuring my financial freedom I investigated ideas of if I should buy property as an individual or in a company. I have an accountant but felt that he did NOT have the correct experience in this field.

I realised that the only way forward was to have a better understanding of how accounting works in a limited company of this type for myself (something I have never been able to get interested in as it always seems too complicated to me). After reading the Ltd companies e-Book I now have a much better understanding and the information held in the book has been invaluable.

I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of investing in property. It is easy to understand and does NOT talk in jargon. At the price it is one of the best investments I have made, it could save me thousands.
Mary Lane,
Property Investor
I have invested in 'buy to let' property for the last six years and in that time have bought probably every property book available!!! Most are vague to say the least when it comes to the tax sections and this is where I have found the property tax portal books to be really helpful and well worth the investment. Despite having a good accountant I have more time than him available to research tax issues and the ebooks have given me a much greater understanding of exactly what the inland revenue will allow or not as the case may be!
Property Investor
I found the book easy to understand with complex issues clearly stated and backed up by practical examples. I use it as a reference tool for my everyday letting activity and also refer to it when strategically reviewing my portfolio.

I would recommend it to anybody whether just considering investing in property; actively managing a property portfolio; or providing professional services to practitioners in the field.
Bill Spence,
Property Investor
In desperation of NOT being able to get a straight answer from 3 different accountants on how to plan my property renovation business, I trawled the internet for information, and found "How To use companies to cut your Property Tax bills" by Ian McTernan".

This explains to me why there is no straight forward answer, and I now understand what I am dealing with, whereas the accountants left me in the dark to the complexities of it all. I am really glad I found this information.
Mark Duffy,
Property Investor
The ebook was great. It was well written and easy to understand considering the complexity with the tax legislation.

It was worth the £27. I learned a lot. I will go over it again. The case studies were great and it helped cement my understanding of the different levels of tax savings.

I'm look forward to purchasing other products from you.

I wish I had bought the ebook five months earlier.
Surrinder Ahitan,
Property Investor