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What is the tax treatment if I move into my previously rented out property?


If I buy a 2nd property and rent it out for a couple of years , is any tax due on it if I then sell my primary residence and move into this 2nd property making it my primary residence for the next 10 years before selling it?


Arthur Says

If you sell your first (primary residence) property and if it has been classed as your main residence then there will be no tax due on this property. If after two years you then move into the previous rented property then you may well have a small CGT liability in the future. However a huge chunk of the tax liability will be avoided because you will benefit from private residence relief. However you will also receive other favourable tax reliefs i.e. non-business taper relief an private letting relief.


The latter relief along with your annual CGT allowance could well wipe-out any CGT liability. However in the case that a CGT liability still remains, it is likely to be nominal when compared with the gain you have made on the property.



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