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Can I maximise tax releif by grouping the value of my portfolio together?


I have a portfolio of 8 properties bought over a number of years with individual repayment mortgages outstanding against them. I would like to know if it is possible to maximise the tax relief available by grouping the value of the portfolio together & offsetting the total value of loan interest or do I have to re finance each property & mortgage individually to maximise the interest relief.


Arthur Says

In most cases all the various types of income from land and property in the UK are treated as parts of the same, single rental business. It does not matter how many properties the taxpayer has, or how many different types of income from land and property. This means that normally all the rental business receipts and expenditure can be lumped together and, hence, that the expenses on one property can be deducted from the receipts of another, (ICTA88/S21 (4)).


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