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What is the cost and tax implications of separating my properties into their own separate Title Deeds?

My portfolio consists of 11 properties all under one Title Deed.  I am now in a position where I need to separate some of these properties to have their own deeds.  The business is a limited company.  What are the costs and tax implications of separating these properties? Would it be of a benefit to have them under my own personal name, or to establish another Company?

Arthur Weller Replies:
Similar to that which was explained in the previous question, it is beneficial ownership that counts for tax purposes, and pure legal ownership (as in the case of a bare trust) is not relevant. Therefore splitting the single title deed into separate ones, which is purely a legal ownership matter, and does not in any way affect the beneficial ownership, is not something that would trigger tax. However moving the properties out of the ownership of the company could trigger capital gains tax for the original company, and if you take the properties into your personal ownership, it could also trigger an income tax liability for you.

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