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Property Investment Centre

This section is for those people who are looking to get some valuable FREE property investment information through the web.

If you are looking to start out in investing or continue to grow your portfolio then the following resources will definately be of great benefit to you, especially because they are FREE!

Ranjan Bhattacharya

Investor, Author, Public Speaker and founder of

Ranjan has been investing in property for over 15 years and quit the rate race several years ago after having built a sizeable portfolio in London.

He has produced a free seven part course called: How you can achieve Property Investment Success in the UK'.

The course covers: buying bargains at auctions, successful off-plan investing, maximising your cashflow, how to outperform the market etc.

To learn more about Ranjan and subscribe to his free strategies click here.

Parmdeep Vadesha

Author and an investor who specialises in buying below market value (BMV) properties.

Parmdeep is fortunate enough never to have entered the rate race. After graduating from university he concentrated on building his own property empire by investing in undervalued properties. Today he is financially free!

Parmdeep's free six part course ‘Reveals The Secrets Of Finding Masses Of Bargain Properties Without Talking To Estate Agents Or Visiting Auctions’.

To learn more about Parmdeep and subscribe to his free course click here.

Mike Bloxam

Investor, Author and founder of Land Projects UK

A very experienced developer and investor Mike shows people how to develop older properties into money making redevelopment sites - without capital or risk.

This is all achieved with a £1 zero-risk investment.

The Last 2 Deals Netted £167,642.00 & £93,000.00 Profit!

To learn more about Mike’s most recent projects and how he has helped other investors achieve these amazing returns click here.

Vanish Patel

Investor, Businessman, marketing extraordinaire and founder of

Vanish Patel’s property activities cover a wide range of deals from bridging and 100% development finance all the way up to multimillion pound developments in Kensington and Chelsea!He is the founder of the UK’s most respected property networking club. This event runs on a weekly basis with over 100 experienced and inexperienced investors coming along to learn and share in investment strategies and projects.

You will find most of the people featured on this page regularly attending these events. Its a great way to learn and meet like minded investors.

The Property Tax Portal Team also attend these events.

To learn more about the UK’s free premier property networking club click here.

Tessa Shepperson UK Solicitor and founder of

Through her widely acknowledged website, Tessa Shepperson provides legal information and resources to residential landlords and tenants, plus annual members of her site can download free tenancy agreements and forms, and instruct Tessa do legal work for fixed fees.

You can also sign up to Tessa's free monthly newsletter, which gives updates, tips and advice on how to avoid problems and save legal cost.'

To learn more about landlord law click here.

Other useful links include:

Tenant eviction - UK nationwide service.

Evicting tenants and recovering property and rent arrears for landlords. We also remove bad problem tenants for a fixed fee. We operate on a no win, no fee basis. For more information please contact: 01293 - 536456.