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Arthur Weller - UK Tax Specialist and Property Taxation Advisor

Arthur has now done over 2500 property tax consultations!

Arthur Weller is a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) who operates his own tax consultancy. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and is also qualified as a certified Accountant. He is known throughout the tax industry for his ability to resolve the most complex of tax issues and has over 10 years experience in this field.

Arthur works mainly in an advisory capacity for accountants and UK tax-payers, in all areas of taxation. He has also provided tax advice to UK property investors through the Independent Newspaper's Property Supplement.

He runs a telephone helpline, giving phone advice on all areas of UK (and some overseas) taxation to accountants around the country.

Arthur is the co-author of the guide How to Avoid Landlord Taxes and has contributed heavily to a number of other products that are available through

He is also the UK tax editor for the website and regularly writes taxation articles.

Areas of property tax expertise

Any aspect of UK property taxation including:
  • Principle Private Residence (PPR) planning and solutions
  • Tax planning for divorce settlements and separations involving the main home
  • Advice on whether to use a company or to invest as a sole trader or partnerships
  • Converting houses into flats
  • Property development tax - including refurbishment and new builds
  • Buy-to-let portfolio taxation strategies
  • Property traders (i.e. buying and selling properties)
  • Property development and trading companies
  • Ex-pats with properties in the UK
  • Commercial property tax
  • Purchase and development of land

Other areas of expertise

Any aspect of UK taxation including:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation (company) Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Expatriate tax.

Typical clients

  • Property investors and landlords with small, medium and large portfolios
  • Property renovators and developers
  • Accountants who require technical assistance with their clients cases
  • People with ad-hoc questions about any areas of UK taxation
  • Businesses with turnover of up to £5M
  • Ex-pats
  • Taxpayers who have problems with the Inland Revenue


Arthur charges £225 per hour with a minimum charge of £97 for 25 minutes. This is a special rate for Property Tax Portal clients.

Terms of Business

Submit your details below and then you will be taken to a page where you can submit the details of the advice/help that is required.

Arthur will take payment, normally via credit card once the consultation has been completed.

How the consultation works

Once your consultation has been submitted, Arthur will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time when it is convenient to go through your tax query. This can be even at the weekends or in the evening - at a time that suits you!

The vast majority of tax consultations undertaken by Arthur are conducted by email or via the telephone. For example, a 25 minute telephone conversation with Arthur discussing any aspect of UK taxation will cost £97.

Over 90% of consultations with Arthur are successfully conducted within a 25 minute time-frame and within 3 working days.

Next steps

If you have a tax problem/query and need quick and specific advice then Arthur Weller will be able to help you.

To arrange a tax consultation with Arthur please complete the form below and you will be emailed the link from where you will be able to submit your request for consultation details.

First Name:
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Yes I would like to proceed with a consultation with
Arthur Weller and understand the costs involved.

If you have any questions then please call our customer support team on: 01925 398599 

Remember these key facts:

- Over 90% of queries are answered within 25 minutes and within 3 days!
- Over 2500 consultations done by Arthur!
- You pay for the advice after it has been given

We believe that we have some of the most knowledgeable and most respected tax experts in the country and here is just what a few of them have to say about Arthur:

I can happily recommend Arthur Weller's professional advice. I'd been very frustrated over a ten week period consulting two other supposedly 'expert' online tax consultants who, after weeks of consideration, could not, after all, definitively answer my question for their sub £100 fee unless I was prepared to fork-out up to £700+ in more dedicated research. Arthur, however, impressively answered the question within a couple of days, inc some follow-up clarification, for a flat fee. I was truly stuck on a property transaction until this question was answered, so in my opinion a great service.

He is definitely bookmarked for future reference!

J.D. from West Sussex

The consultation was extremely worthwhile and Arthur explained it all very clearly. It has certainly pointed me in the right direction, and saved me a few thousand already with minimum effort already, so definitely worth the money.
Amanda Short
Property Investor

Arthur is recognised as one of the leading property tax specialists in this country and is able to draw on a depth of knowledge and wealth of experience when advising clients. I asked him a variety of property tax related questions over the telephone. He knew the answers to my questions straight away and was happy to explain the tax implications for me.

Mr IS, Property Investor, Scotland

As an overseas investor I sought professional tax advice from Arthur Weller and was very impressed by his very quick response and his immediate grasp of my particular problems. He certainly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tax matters.
Elieen Lynch
Property Investor

Thanks for helping me out with all the advice that I received from Arthur. It was an angle that my accountant and tax advisor hadn't given me and may well work much better than the route we are taking at the moment which, for tax reasons, we are living with. If I hadn't sent that 'HELP' email I would not even be aware of the scenario that Arthur gave me and would be dreading what the future may hold and the tax implications but having had his advice it won't ever be as bad as I had been told and had imagined it could be.

Once again, many, many thanks.

Corinne Hemsley
Property Investor

Just to say I have received some unbelievably helpful property tax advice from Arthur Weller today, and would like to thank him and the team for providing such amazing value for money. I have already recommended you to one friend today, and shall not hesitate to continue to do so to our other friends. Again, thank you all'. Kindest regards.
Diana Baur
Property Investor

Over the years I have dealt with various people to assist with our

1. Property Portfolio
2. Matters with Developers
3. Joint Ventures
4. Share distribution
5. Company Tax Issues

In addition to this one company is developing fast and setting up other revenues of income. So for us it became even more essential to get the tax matters sorted, in order to be structured in how we deal with our Tax Liabilities. Arthur's attention to detail in gaining the insight to the Businesses was second to none and within one hour I had the best advice ever. Whilst we were having our conversation each step of the way Arthur ensured I understood fully before moving on to the next area I should address.

I am sure everyone would agree and say well why not use an Accountant, this is true to a point and in business they are a service we cannot do with out, however they are like GP's, whilst very, very good, they cover a wide spectrum and can not be expected to know everything (unless specialising of course) which as for tax issues Arthur is exceptionally specialised.

Arthur was very accommodating, easy to listen to and answered my queries with ease. This is a service I would not hesitate to recommend to others around me weather it is in business or for friends who own property. now are truly our TAX KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR.

Many, Many Thanks

P.S. Have pen and plenty of paper to hand

Lorraine Mc Mahon
M J Properties & M J Building Ltd
winners of the "Master builder of The Year for London" award

My consultation with Arthur Weller went very well last night & comprehensively covered all the points I raised.

I'm glad I took advice at this early stage as it will save me thousands in the long run.
Dave Ford
Property Investor

Thanks Arthur! At last someone who talks English regarding tax. I am going to move ahead with the sale now. Best £87 I have spent in a while!

Chris Leonard
Property Investor